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The description of Polo TV

Only with us you will find new clips, as well as old, unforgettable hits, you will see interviews with artists and their memories of the greatest hits. You will be able to see the most famous festivals and concerts, both contemporary and from the 90's. Watch interesting stories of disco polo stars, how bands were created and what stories are associated with writing songs that have become great hits. On the air you will meet such stars as Boys, Classic, Accent, Weekend, After Party, Chadoman, MIG and many more!

Polo TV是一个基于互联网的广播电视网络,可为观众提供电视和网络连接电视设备上的免费无线广播电视体验。

借助Live-TV-Channels,您可以观看在线电视节目流 - 它们免费,移动友好,并支持从PC,笔记本电脑或移动设备投射到Chromecast。Live-TV-Channels可让您今天在电脑上观看电视,无需机顶盒,无需登录。

您可以实时直播所有您最喜爱的Poland和其他电视节目,如果您居住在国外并且无法访问Poland电视,则非常方便。 如果您拥有Google Chromecast,您现在也可以将我们的直播电视流投射到您的电视Live-TV-Channels

如果搜索精确的通道, 请访问网络电视网站你会发现流的所有通道的完整列表. 如果遇到困难观看实时流, 请先检查我们详细介绍了如何观看指南. 最重要的是,所有的流可以在我们的网站上看到的是完全免费的 - 互联网连接是所有你需要!

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有关 Polo TV 更多信息, 节目指南和节目可以在 Polo TV 的网站上找到. Click here

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